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The system combines an insulated, sealed laminar air circuit chamber with energy-efficient heat pump dehumidification. A process that contains these key elements:

  1. Gentle airflow passes evenly through the treatment space, removing moisture while preserving trichomes.
  2. Moisture from treatment air is condensed over cooling coils converting to a liquid and capturing trace terpenes.
  3. Dry air is acclimated to climate setpoints and sent back through to the chamber.
  4. Air passes through UV-C sanitation light to remove impurities before recirculating.
  5. Treated air is pressurized and sent laminarly over cannabis in the treatment space and the process repeats until moisture content target is achieved.

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The ‘Standard Method’ for cannabis drying is often defined as the “Low & Slow” method. “Low” refers to the low temperature (often between 60F-65F) and moderate humidity (anywhere between 50%-65% RH) and “slow” refers to the amount of time taken during the drying & curing process. All with the end goal to produce the best smelling, tasting, and most potent cannabis possible.

In doing so, cannabis cultivators are challenged with managing ambient temperature and humidity – specifically during the first 72 hours of the cycle.

Cann’s solutions utilize the same process & methods with a few key differences:

  • Rather than a patchwork of multiple dehumidification & humidification systems, fans, central HVAC, environmental controls, etc. Our components are all engineered to work together by design – increasing overall efficiency 2X-3X. 
  • Heat from our dehumidification system is kept outside the drying chamber and never impacts the inside temperature or humidity. This is one of the leading causes of cultivators’ inability to control the drying environment. Stop ‘riding the wave.’
  • Operating in a closed air-circuit nearly eliminates the risk of mold, bacteria, and pests from entering the drying process.
  • The sealed chamber design also prevents terpenes from escaping – even allowing for terpene capture for future use in high-value product development.
  • Our chambers are truly ‘set it and forget it’ – requiring very little handling and labor. Many dry rooms require significant human handling, increasing the likelihood for inconsistent quality, degradation to the product, and other human error.
  • If ‘set it and forget it’ just is not for you – our systems are all remotely controlled. Take a peek at your dry curves and save strain-specific recipes all from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop of choice anywhere in the world. 

Our Cann Advantages consistently result in better overall:

  • Control: Manage all aspects of the environment and of your overall drying process.
  • Quality: Results that look, smell, and test better than cannabis from your standard dry room.
  • Efficiency: Reduce energy usage, labor cost, and drying time from harvest to shelf.

Our purpose-built chambers have tested on average to be 2X more energy efficient than other turnkey solutions like freeze-drying or high-pressure vapor differential and vacuum drying solutions.

When compared to a traditional dry room setup, tests have shown an even greater increase in energy efficiency. As much as 2X-3X more energy efficient.  


Because the standard cannabis dry room often consists of a patchwork of multiple dehumidification units, humidification systems, fans, central HVAC systems, and environmental control systems. etc.  This combination can use up to 2X-3X more energy than a turnkey CDS Chamber in just a single dry cycle.

To learn more about the energy efficiency of Cann’s Drying Systems, check out our blogs.

Drying in a closed-air circuit & climate-controlled chamber provides complete control over temperature, humidity, and airflow – resulting in the most even and precise drying & curing environment possible. Whether the cultivator is drying for smokable quality at ‘Low & Slow’ (60F & 60%RH) conditions and reaching your moisture targets in 5-7 days, or drying for extraction and achieving target moisture in 24-72 hours – you can expect the same consistent, high-quality, high-potency results that consumers demand. Learn more about your drying and curing options here.

Thorough testing by our partners has shown potency and terpene levels to be 10-20% higher on average compared to the standard drying & curing method when using ‘Low & Slow’ settings.

For those using our “Extracts” protocol (typically 80-95F & 40-50%RH), our industry-first terpene capture system ensures that cultivators can reach moisture goals in 24-72 hours while maximizing overall terpene yields to create high-terpene, high-value extract products in just a fraction of typical processing times. 

We do work with Upwise Capital, a cannabis-friendly equipment finance firm that offers equipment lease, equipment financing, and leaseback options to suit the needs of cannabis operators of any size that are seeking financing for their Cann Drying System.

Visit our financing page today to get connected with our equipment financing partners.

Each chamber & custom solution includes all equipment, training, SOPs, and user manuals needed. Upon request, an installation supervisor will be dispatched for install and commissioning supervision, and the necessary licensed labor specialists along with an installation supervisor and general laborers. Licensed specialists typically include electricians and refrigeration technicians.

The installation supervisor’s expenses are invoiced separately but can be included in your equipment quote upon request.

As a customer, we’ll ask you to designate your own ‘site expert’. This is the person who will be thoroughly trained by our installation supervisor on how to install/uninstall the system, how to perform basic preventive maintenance, as well as how to operate the equipment and controls.

Cann stands by our products and offers a 1-year warranty on all chamber and custom solution components. Additionally, the Motor has a 3-year manufacturer warranty as well. Any on-site maintenance required by our technicians will incur additional service charges.

Our Terpene Retention and Capture system creates additional revenue streams for clients using either “Low & Slow” or “Extracts” recipe protocols. 

This industry-first innovation is driven by purpose-built heat-pump dehumidifiers engineered to slowly remove moisture from the plant material.

Rather than exhausting the removed moisture via an HVAC system, the moist air is drawn over cooling coils, condensing the terpene-rich moisture coming out of the treatment space into a liquid, resting in a collection tray to be used for additional product development.

Tests performed using the ”Extracts” protocol have shown the system’s ability to capture approximately 140ml of broad-spectrum strain-specific terpenes for every 1000 lbs of wet cannabis dried in a Cann Drying System. Results are subject to variance based on Temperature & Relative Humidity set points.

We know that every cultivation has different needs and preferences. We offer tray-loaded, bakery-style rolling carts (typically used by extract-focused cultivators) as well as stainless-steel hanging racks (typically utilized by boutique, smokable flower cultivators).

To learn more about hang drying vs. tray drying, read our blog. To see what tray and hanging rack options we offer, visit our Cann Shop page.

Our typical tray racking system can hold 2–2.5 wet-trimmed pounds per tray (for a total of 40-50 lbs per 20-tray rolling cart). Standard hanging racks hold 100-120 lbs of wet cannabis. Check out specific details per option here

We provide detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) for trimming and loading both our bakery-style tray racks and our hanging racks.

Most definitely. All of our CDS chamber systems and custom solutions provide complete control of temperature, humidity, and airflow via our network enabled control system. Always accessible via either the graphical interface on the unit itself or remotely via any smartphone, tablet, or computer of your choosing.

Of course. Cultivators can create and save individual drying recipes for each strain to ensure consistent results batch after batch – or use one of our preset recipes – the choice is yours. Obtain real-time, graphical data depicting ambient temperature and humidity trends as well as specific moisture content % of the cannabis material. Learn more about our Cann Dashboard today.

Yes. Our entire line of CDS chambers has been third-party tested for cGMP and CE compliance. No matter where in the world your operation is located you can be confident that your drying/curing process will not be an obstacle to the cGMP certification process. 

cGMP compliance means that our chambers and their individual components are thoroughly tested from manufacturing through on-site installation.

With each chamber you will receive thorough SOPs for all of the following:

  • Installation Guides
  • User Manuals
  • Component/Parts & Tooling Lists
  • Preventative & Long-Term Maintenance
  • Operating Procedures
  • Cleaning

A Cann installation supervisor will provide extensive on-site training, ensuring that a member of your team is proficient in proper installation procedures, equipment maintenance procedures, and operation.

Are you not getting the results you expected or promised? Our design team can set you up with custom solutions for complete and consistent environmental control. Cann Drying Systems can modify an existing dry room if you don’t have the space for a complete chamber system.

Custom solutions are fit to the blueprints of your space and include a dehumidification system, laminar airflow handling system, controls & sensors, tray/hanging rack systems, and more.

Check out a case study from one of our successful existing dry room, custom solution installs.

  • Freight logistics
  • Installation supervision
  • Commissioning and training
  • Remote support for immediate on-site assistance
  • Long term maintenance options (preventative and corrective)
  • Reach out to inquire about other services.

Cann’s chambers and custom solutions all have a 100% return on investment in just a few dry cycles by way of better-quality flower (more consistently), terpene capture & collection, elimination of mold and crop loss risk, reduced post-harvest labor expense, and industry-best energy savings.

Learn more about the return on investment of a Cann Drying System here.

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