How It Works

How It Works

Cann’s purpose-built sealed chamber system uses laminar airflow distribution and heat pump dehumidification to deliver better quality, control & drying efficiency

Gentle airflow passes evenly through the treatment space, removing moisture while preserving trichomes.
Moisture from treatment air is condensed over cooling coils converting to a liquid and capturing trace terpenes.
Dry air is acclimated to climate setpoints utilizing auxiliary heat and sent back through to the chamber.
Air passes through UV-C sanitation light to remove impurities before recirculating.
Treated air is pressurized and sent laminarly over cannabis in the treatment space and the process repeats until moisture content target is achieved.

Cann’s Design Elements

Heat Pump
Climate Control

Heat pumps enable cultivators to maintain control of
temperature and humidity regardless of ambient conditions
outside the closed air circuit – removing 2-3X more water and using 50% less energy than other dehumidification units and climate control systems.

Precise control of temperature and humidity results in achieving moisture content targets faster.

Cannabis Drying Room Equipments

Sealed Chamber System

A closed air-circuit, insulated chamber design allows
cultivators to maintain fully customizable drying
environments with precision control over the 3 key
elements of a high-quality cannabis dry cycle.

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Airflow Speed & Distribution

Precision control of these 3 elements have a direct affect
on the time it takes to achieve product moisture targets.

Cannabis Drying Room Equipments

Laminar Airflow

Standard cannabis dry rooms often contain microclimates stemming from uneven, or turbulent, airflow distribution often resulting in the development of mold and bacteria.

All of our solutions utilize high performance circulation fans and a perforated baffle design that produces laminar airflow. This ensures that all product dries at the same rate, achieving exact desired moisture content and producing consistent quality.

Features & Benefits

Cannabis Drying Room Equipments


Master all aspects of the environment and your overall drying process

Heat-pump based dehumidification technology is the most precise means of maintaining environmental climates for drying.

  • Reduce large temperature and humidity fluctuations during the dry cycle that lead to microclimate and microbial development
  • 2X – 3X greater water removal rate compared to other dehumidification systems

Prevent Failed Tests & Crop Loss with laminar airflow that eliminates microclimates from forming in the dry room that can lead to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

Prevent Pests from infiltrating your drying space with our sealed, closed air-circuit design.

UV-C airflow & coil sanitation system upgrade disinfects 95%+ of microbial contaminants from spreading through the air during the dry cycle.

  • 83% reduction in powdery mildew, mitigating spread and crop loss
  • Improves overall energy efficiency by eliminating biofilm build-up on coil system

Drying climate can be monitored and remotely accessed from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with WiFi connection to dial-in results to perfection.

Save strain-specific setpoint ‘recipes’ for easy access with future harvest batches.

Integrate Cann’s control system with an existing facility climate control system.

Maintain GMP compliance with permissions tracing of all actions utilizing timestamps, e-signatures, and archiving of audit trails.

All chambers and custom solutions are engineered to uniformly dry at lower temperatures for high-quality product or expedite the drying process for material ear-marked for extraction.

Dry for high-quality or extraction with complete setpoint control over the three key elements

  • Temperature: 55F – 120F
  • Relative Humidity: 0% – 100%
  • Airflow Volume (CDS-10 to CDS-60): 15-40 ft/s (4.5-12.2 m/s)

Cannabis Drying Room Equipments


Repeatable results that look and smell better than cannabis from your standard dry room.

Auto-Cure Kit system upgrade gives cultivators the ability to seamlessly transition from dry to cure, automating the traditional ‘burping process” to achieve final moisture targets slowly.

How It Works:

  • Auto-regulating DH system during the cure cycle allows for the natural enzymatic breakdown process to occur via vapor pressure variance.
  • Powered Venting system periodically exhausts and exchanges the air in the chamber once humidity threshold is met.
  • Intake air is HEPA filtered to prevent wanted contaminants from the chamber.
  • Exhaust air is charcoal filtered to remove unwanted odors from escaping.


  • Reduce Post-Harvest Labor by eliminating the need for transition teams between dry and cure.
  • Automated ‘Burping’ Schedules allow you to set chamber venting frequency to your desired frequency and duration.
  • Prevent Trichome Degradation and improve overall product quality by reducing touchpoints between dry and cure when product is most vulnerable

Cannabis Drying Room Equipments

Cann’s insulated, closed air-circuit & heat-pump dehumidification design contains a cooling coil system that condenses the terpene-rich moisture escaping the plant during the drying process into a liquid.

Terpenes once lost forever to the traditional dry room’s HVAC system are captured for use in high-value extract products.

This process enables cultivators to

  • Retain up to 20% greater terpene content on-flower when drying at lower temperatures for high-quality product.
  • Capture as much as 140ml of broad spectrum, strain-specific terpenes per 1,000lbs of wet cannabis when dried at higher temperatures for extraction purposes.


All of our equipment meets c-GMP design and safety standards and is suitable for operation in any c-GMP facility.

  • All materials and components are built using the highest quality food-safe materials from highly vetted vendors

Every customer receives a comprehensive packet of supporting GMP validation documentation with every chamber and custom installation including

  • Cleaning, Safety Training, and Installation/Operational Training SOPs
  • Spare Parts & Tool Lists
  • Production Inspection & Acceptance Testing for Components & Final Assembly
  • Shipping Final Inspection
  • Materials of Construction Traceability
  • List of All Major & Ancillary Components
  • Preventative Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide
  • Complete user manuals including; Design/Electrical Schematics, Assembly Drawings, and more

GMP Compliant Cannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying Systems

Precise climate control within Cann’s insulated, closed air-circuit & heat-pump dehumidification design results in a consistent, uniformly dried, high-potency product.

Consistent quality keeps your customers coming back, time and time again.

Climate Control Cannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying Systems


Whether you prefer to hang dry or dry on trays, we got you covered!

Hanging Racks are typically the choice for operations primarily focused on producing high-quality material as it maintains natural shape, trichome structure, and potency.

Tray Racks are typically the choice for operations primarily focused on processing large amounts of material for extract purposes as it streamlines overall efficiency and allows for greater throughput.

Cannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying Systems


Reduce energy usage, labor cost, and drying time from harvest to shelf.

50%+ reduction in energy usage compared to the standard cannabis dry room and other drying technologies.

Here are the real ‘cut & dry’ numbers, tested at real life drying conditions of 65 F & 55% RH.

  • Our turnkey chamber systems remove 9.5 to 13 pints of water per kWh of energy usage on average.
  • Total power draw averages 11 kWh on CDS-10 to 200 kWh on CDS-225…..that’s for DH unit, fans, controls, sensors, EVERYTHING you need for the best dry cycle you’ve ever had.

Cannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying Systems

Reduce the need for Post-Harvest labor force by 60% or more.

Eliminating Microclimates with laminar airflow reduces the need for personnel to monitor the dry room and manually rotate cannabis to prevent mold, bacteria, and mildew from forming.

Auto-Cure Kit system upgrade saves operations the labor and time of moving product around between dry and cure and the need for manual burping of storage containers.

Cannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying SystemsCannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying Systems



Precise control over all aspects of the drying environment results in 2X – 3X faster drying & curing times compared to traditional methods.

Whether drying for high-potency (smokable) quality or speeding things up for extract production, you can expect a much more efficient dry & cure.

  • High-Quality: 5-7 days compared to 10-14 in traditional dry room
  • Extract: 1-3 days compared to 10-14 in traditional dry room

Cannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying Systems


Dry more cannabis utilizing less square footage than traditional dry rooms or other automated solutions.

Chamber options for operations of any size – from 220 wet lbs (CDS-10) to as much as 7600 wet lbs (CDS-225) per batch.

That’s 3.5 wet lbs per square foot to 7.4 wet lbs per square foot depending on racking method and chamber size.

Cannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying Systems

Focus on the flowers

Let us help you modernize the drying process