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Our Story

Who We are

Industry Veterans with Decades of Experience

We are a group of cannabis industry veterans who bring our cumulative decades of experience in all disciplines to deliver a quality, consistent, and effective solution to the vulnerable dry cycle.

The Cann team is passionate about developing energy-efficient solutions, constructing durable American-made equipment, and fostering long-term relationships with cultivators.

Our business revolves around empowering growers to continuously innovate and thrive and we are committed to supporting them every step of the way.

Cannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying Systems
Cannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying Systems

Our Roots

Drying Systems Powerhouse

Cann Drying Systems is a subsidiary of one of the powerhouses of food and lumber drying. Prior to the cannabis industry’s advancements in legalization, Nyle Systems has developed a drying empire over the past four decades. First innovating, then perfecting the use of heat-pump environmental control to precisely manage dry room climates. 

As the cannabis industry was established, Nyle utilized their decades of knowledge in the drying space to engineer a solution tailored for the specific needs of cannabis cultivators.

Our Story


Cannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying Systems

Cann’s parent company – Nyle Systems – was originally founded 45 years ago with a primary focus on commercial scale drying solutions for the lumber industry.


Cannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying Systems

After two decades of servicing the lumber industry – Nyle began manufacturing heat pump-based dehydration machines for the highly regulated food industry.


Cann Drying Systems is born and adapted technologies and principles that our parent company developed from 45+ years of experience in drying and tailored those solutions to service the specific needs of cannabis cultivators.

2019 – 2020

Cannabis Dry and Cure Systems

Cann Drying Systems expands globally in building our first state-of-the-art cGMP drying facilities in Europe and South America- making Cann the preferred drying provider for commercial operators.


Cannabis Commercial and Industrial Drying Systems

Cann celebrates its 5th anniversary enabling cannabis cultivators to establish a high-quality, standardized drying process. With installations across the U.S. and in 7+ countries – we are proud to help cultivators consistently produce premium quality products around the world.

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